Uptodown becomes the new member of the Unity Distribution Portal (UDP)

Luis Hernández
2 min readMar 23, 2021


This is an exciting moment. We’re inaugurating what we hope will be a new era for Android. Today we announce what we’ve been secretly working on for over two years. Unity and Uptodown.

A project that will change the way Android games are created and published around the world. It will break down the walls raised by the big tech companies, allowing access to any app and game with all its features, from any location, device, and without limitations.

Unity, the most powerful tool for creating video games, now integrates Uptodown, the largest independent platform for mobile apps with 450 million monthly downloads. It connects thousands of game studios to our community of more than 130 million monthly users.

It has been a long road, 19 years in the making. However, this partnership closes a cycle that fulfills our goal of making all types of software and apps more accessible and easier to get.

Promoting alternatives to make Android better.

And giving back the spotlight to the developers.