Give power to Developers. Not Stores, Mobile Makers, or Operating Systems.

Luis Hernández
3 min readJul 19, 2020


How big platforms disempower Developers and Users building walled gardens.

There is nothing revolutionary in this idea, just the old concept of the tech industry (let’s say the 80s IBM, 90s Microsoft) as an open space that provides capabilities to the Developer and Users — not the stores, the manufacturers, or the operating systems.

Historically, the reasons given for disempowering Developers and Users turning each platform into a walled garden, are:

  • Safety. Well known excuse for any kind of abuse, now outdated and already overcome thanks to transversal services like VirusTotal. Uptodown is the proof you can trust accessible platforms based on the web. We check all the content with more than 70 antiviruses and add new layers of protection through our own team of editors (not just unattended content).
  • Proper monetization for Developers outside big platforms. A huge problem not solved until now. Very soon, and after two years of hard work together with the biggest partners we could wish for, Uptodown will announce a simple and effective way for Developers to monetize their products outside Google Play for the first time.

Obviously, the existing major stores will keep trying to lock Developers and Users in. It’s their way of raising entry barriers to competitors and gaining margins via other products and services. Why Uptodown should be different?.

Uptodown is an independent company founded with its own resources, neutral, profitable and that benefits from a greater Android openness without the need to add products not aligned with Developer’s and User’s interest. In fact, Uptodown considers the web the most accessible platform for App distribution — no registration required, no personal information needed, no artificial limitations like region or political interests.

So, how this open model helps and gives power to Developers?. Some ideas we must actively convey to counteract communication from other restrictive systems:

  • Visibility. Developers who use Uptodown gain a proven competitive advantage in an already saturated app and video game market. The web continues to be a very important part of App discovery. We are aware that an app that gains users outside Google Play ends up positively impacting the result in other native stores.
  • Control in the hands of the Developer. Far from the strict conditions that other stores might impose, the Developer publishes their (legal) product and it is up to the Users if they want to use it or not. On top of that, the Developer can monetize their products without third party accounts or even installing a native Store, the only standalone technology for IAPs.
  • Truly multiplatform. The Uptodown solution unlocks all types of media (cars, TVs, projectors, emulators) in which a Developer can introduce IAPs without having to depend on a store as such or force users to register to third party accounts.

More about the Uptodown open distribution model.


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