• nono ruiz

    nono ruiz

    emprendedor, chicfy, pequefy… lo siguiente

  • Enrique Glez-Herrero

    Enrique Glez-Herrero

    IT Consultant

  • dogo


    dogo is free-to-use software that helps you get feedback on your pitch deck and share it with investors

  • Diego Mariño

    Diego Mariño

    @ducksboard proud founder :)

  • Ellen Brandenberger

    Ellen Brandenberger

    @HGSE_TIE / @NotreDame / Life-Long Learner / #Education #Neuroscience #Product #Tech Enthusiast / Coffee & Non-Fiction Lover / Views my own

  • WolfOfGrowth


    💪🤓🚀 ex-Google Team Lead, Growth🔮Wizards CEO. Growth⤵Problems? I'm Mr.🐺 Of Growth, I SOLVE Growth⤴Problems! Learn More & Book Me: ➡️ http://WolfOfGrowth.com

  • Leo Martin

    Leo Martin

    Desarrollador web/flash, diseñador, dibujante y programador as3. If ( leiyo.mano == lapiz ) { feliz ++ };

  • Matt Hurley

    Matt Hurley

    Helping international startups expand to the US via @Datventures | Formerly @Techstars, @Startupinst, @Mcmastercarr

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